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Truth - Honest Messaging app is a generic tool that you can use to chat or to easily initiate honest conversation to anyone you know.

A Patent Pending Concept*:

PRIVATE - no ads and no business accounts trying to connect with you, whatsoever! Your data are not used for commercial purposes whatsoever and are and will always be stored in the cloud solely for you yourselves. All messaging data is permanently deleted from our server when both the sender and recipient leave the conversation.

SECURE - the app uses Google's Firebase servers and utilizes the best of the industry's top server security protections. You can be rest assured that your data will be protected in the cloud, encrypted during transit, and seamlessly sync across multiple devices.

FREE - the app uses Wifi to send text messages, images, audio, and location for FREE. Create unlimited number of chats and send unlimited number of messages.

CLASSIC - simple and deliberate designs make this app the most intuitive messaging app on the market. No usernames or pins because the app works with your phone number and Email Addresses. Classic message bubbles, no clutters around the textfield that you use to send messages, loads the entire chat history fast, read receipts are enabled automatically after sending one hundred messages, and full offline support!

PREMIUM FEATURE - Send a Truth in the app by moving a slider to pick a rating of how much you care about the person and write to him or her. To a phone number or Email address that you specified, the other person will receive a text message or an Email: (let's say you are George Washington) "George Washington sent you a Truth from 12022243121" and a brief description of the app underneath it. This would prompt the other person to download and open the app to see your Truth. In a private chat room of the app, your Truth will be displayed as a message bubble and would lead both of you to message each other honestly. This is a patent pending concept*.

Chats and Truths are saved securely with phone number or Email address of the sender and the recipient. Validate your phone number or Email address to see all the chats and Truths in your account.


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Truth Honest Messaging, Inc., based in Mountain View, CA

*Truth Honest Messaging, Inc. has filed the patent for the concept of Truth - Honest Messaging app with the the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the application is currently pending with the USPTO.